Our History

The Martelleria Surra Giuseppe & C. is a family owned company, which thanks to the passion, technical knowledge and experience,
after more than 50 years has become a leading company in the sector.


The Foundation

The Martelleria Surra Giuseppe was founded in 1963 by Mr. Surra Giuseppe with great passion and high standards, and at the time was located in Via Marconi in Carmagnola (TO).


In 6 years, the company grows in size and production efficiency, so he moved in Borgo San Giovanni (Via Ponzio, 31) always in Carmagnola (TO), ensuring high quality standards.

The Son

After 24 years of work, it is entered in the company son of Mr. Surra Giuseppe: Mr. Surra Carlo, still owner of the company.

The first press

The company continues to grow and increase its activities, so buy the first hydraulic press, in order to better meet the demands of customers.

Laser Cut

The first laser is purchased, in this way the company has the ability to make cuts also very small in size for different material types.


It is increased the amount of available presses, inserting in the company Müller press 1000 tons, thus allowing the molding of parts in large sheets and aluminum.
From this year the company reached the third generation, with the inclusion in the company of Surra grandchildren.