What makes our Company?

The Martelleria Surra Giuseppe, thanks to the experience, high competence of qualified personnel
and specialized stands for the construction and processing of the bodywork for cars, prototypes and pre-series.

What is the prototype?

The prototype is the result of a creative idea that is developed due to the constant and rapid evolution of the market; It is the original model upon which is based the construction in series. At the base of the prototype there is a great work that has as objective to arrive at the finished product by designing the best, without wasting resources and time.

The prototype in the automotive sector:

Nel campo dell’industria automobilistica il percorso evolutivo del prototipo porterà alla realizzazione in serie di un nuovo modello di automobile da proporre sul mercato. Attraverso prove e collaudi sul modello è possibile di individuare e correggere eventuali insufficienze di tipo strutturale, funzionale, estetico o ergonomico.

What do we do

The Martelleria Surra is highly specialized in the sheet metal working by hand and aims to provide rapid high-quality products and precision as regards the bodywork for cars, prototypes and pre-series.
Thanks the use of advanced systems, we are able to realize particular prototype going through the phases of design, CAD / CAM, stamping and laser cutting, using plants among the most sophisticated in the industry, ending with the final test.

Quality and Discretion

Given the importance of our work, we provide our customers with quality products and made to work of art. We also aim to always do it with great discretion and confidentiality, quality, attention, speed, commitment and precision, in order to meet any request from the customer.